Thursday, January 27, 2011

for future reference.

I suppose the first entry is the most difficult . Why am I here? What was my point, again?

It's pretty simple, really.

I want to improve my writing ability. 
I marvel at the casual, unedited, yet polished entries that so many bloggers manage to publish over and over again. I want that. Hopefully a few months of diligent blogging will streamline my rambling, attention-deficit writing style into something more ...grown up? 
I can aspire. 

My life fascinates me. 
This is not an egotistical remark! If your own life doesn't fascinate you, maybe you should get out more. Anyways, I'd like to somehow chronicle what I'm going through and what I'm getting myself into because I'm somewhat of a nostalgist. Reading this all over again in a few years just sounds fun.

I've got interests. 
And plenty to say about them.