Saturday, March 5, 2011

February Lovin': Part Three

My life revolves around food.

I honor of our missed Valentine's Day, Cubs and I decided to walk around Huntington Beach and enjoy the beautiful mid February sunshine.

 We first walked to Jan's for lunch.

I just love that Jan's always has the same tofurky that my family eats for Thanksgiving. Afterall, my favorite part about Thanksgiving dinner is the tofurkey leftover sandwiches that we get the up until the beginning of December!

So naturally, I ordered the Veggie Turkey sandwich.

It came with Have'a Corn Chips :)

Cubby had the Chicken Salad, which was a beast.

Then we walked to Lil' Reds to give their cupcakes a try. By the time we got there they were almost out of cakes so we got one of the last red velvets and headed to Starbucks to wait for them to frost the next batch. 

We returned just in time... they were flying like hotcakes right out of the store!

I've always had a place in my heart for the cupcake, even before the cupcake got so mainstream. ;)

Pretty sure we found the owner's car!

I think eating them together is best.

Cubby was happy to see milk on the menu.

After our walk-about/eat-about, we went back to Cubby's for some quick studying (I guess there's no escaping it) before we headed to Ethan's to watch the All-Star NBA game before dinner and some Lord of the Rings Risk.

For dinner?


Ethan's soup-bowl! Why does it remind me of a jack-o-lantern?

Ralph's didn't have enough personal sized soup bowls so we picked up two for Lauren and Ethan then found a normal unsliced round loaf of Sourdough for us to share. As far as soup bowls go... it was pretty epic.
After dinner... the boys began their really nerdy and boring LOTR Risk game.

 It went on... and on... and on... 
...after the first round, Ethan and Henry wanted to play again 

Action Risk!

 Which is when the girls stepped in. No more Risk, please. 
It got pretty heated! I don't know why, but girls don't like Risk. Guys tend to love it. I'm not even inclined to try playing it! Why is that?
The heated debate. Boys vs. Girls. Risk vs. No Risk.

All in all, it was another lovely day.

I'll see you next time, February!