Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hawaiian Summer Chronicles Part One: My Svends!

**Disclaimer: pretty much all of these pictures are Lauren's**

Svends is what I used to say when I couldn't pronounce 'friends.'

My whole family continues to say it, especially my older siblings who unlike myself, remember those days.

Anyways, my best svend Lauren, dear svend Ethan and boysvend Cubby all trekked to Hawaii for the beginning of summer...

I can't believe how fast time just flew while they were here, but it was so much fun!

Twelve people were already staying in the house by the time Lauren and Ethan flew into Lihue. So I it safe to say that the Kamehameha project was a mad house.

 I can't think of a better way to describe their stay than just that it was full of food, fun, and frenzy.

My uncle taught the whole family his favorite Chinese drinking game: 
'Xi Shwa Shwa, Xi Shwa Shwa.' 

(Pronounced loudly as SHEE SHWA SHWA SHEE SHWA SHWA.) 

It was pretty much an instant hit.

I'd describe Shee-Shwa as a rock-paper-scissors number game, but with much more animation.   
(As displayed by the pictures...)


 The weather during their stay was pretty rainy (always around 80 degrees, though...!), so when the sun came out, we made the most of it!


Movie nights, good grinds (more on that later), cruising in the truck, rounds of Shee Shwa and Three Flags Up in Hanalei Bay, sneaking into fancy resort pools, and coffee on the Lanai is all a little sweeter when you're with your svends!

Thanks so much guys for coming out, I can't wait to reunite on the west coast!

Oh and one last Shee-Shaw for the road:

Brother Joel, championing in his Soul Sister apron.

**Disclaimer: pretty much all of these pictures are Lauren's**

Monday, June 20, 2011

some news.


I got accepted.

I'm majoring in Religious Studies.

Sometimes I just want to squeal, but I don't.

I just got my housing assignment, paid some dues... it's happening. 

(Actually when I'm alone or just walking alone in public, sometimes I do squeal.)

I've known about it for almost a month now but it just hasn't seemed real until right about now.

It's about time, City of Angels, let's do this.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hippo Birdy!

I feel like tuning twenty was a long time coming. Teenagedom was an incredible wonderwhirl of opportunities and lessons.. but I could feel myself prepare for the plunge into twenty somethings as soon as 2011 rolled around. 

Miraculously, I got out of school a day before my birthday. 
It was SO nice to drop all that academic clutter from my brain and just celebrate my life.

And guess what?

Cubs surprised me with a duel membership to the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park... for the both of us!

Obviously, Lauren and Ethan came along.

And as an extra treat, our dear friend Lindsay (who just returned from school at Skidmore) was in on the surprise!

It was simply a perfect day for the Zoo.