Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Happens in the Cabin Stays in the Cabin

Well, not really. 

I'll have a short video of cabin adventures edited soon, our cabin happenings clearly aren't anybody's secret. The shaky little video clips I managed to take won't do justice to the sheer silliness and hilarity of the trip, but thats what makes memories so valuable! 

Until then, here are all of my photos from this winter's trip to Big Bear, which of course, was a complete success. 

Instead of captioning all these photos, I'm just going to sparknotes the special parts of the trip.

The Characters: 
Lauren, my love you like a sister, sister.
Tessa, my actual flesh and blood sister whom I love to the universe next door and back. 
The Kitty Lights boys, the members of an insanely good electronic pop band that is just now making it big in the States (also known as Cubs, his best friend Ryan, and Carter.)
Wade, appeared in the second half of the trip for dinner, our midnight sled sesh, and pictionary. He mysteriously disappeared in the morning only to appear in the final chapter with his brother Cole (okay it wasn't that mysterious, he just went snowboarding.)
Cole, Wade's fun older brother.

Major Symbols:
The Cabin. 
A homelike and beloved symbol of all things Big Bear. (It was pretty sweet, actually. By far bigger than our house in California and fully equipped with attachable snowshoes, a basket full of mittens, a few extra jackets, plenty of boardgames, shovels, sleds, flatscreen TVs, a game room, so many beds, sunscreen... you name it.)
The (Epic) Sled Ride. 
After 2 hours of overenthusiastic shoveling, the sled ride revealed how giddy Southern California beach kids can get over even the simplest snow related activity. It provided endless entertainment and excitement ...and screaming. Also, the realization that snow turns to ice during the night and that ice means reallyreallyfast sledding meant that the sledding fun continued on into the wee hours of the morning (note: my pajama and galoshes attire.)
The Frozen Lake. 
Another cause for extreme fascination and excitement. Also a key photo-op. 
A reoccurring symbol in Mason stories, mealtime in Big Bear was just as delicious as it was heartwarming. The two premier chefs of the trip were Tessa and Cubby. 
Give the boys their IPAs and pour the girls some mimosas and you've got quite a jolly group of people.
Billiards, Pictionary, Poker, Chess, Mexican Horseshoe. They were all fun, like, really fun. 
Ryan's Hair.
Have you ever watched a guy try to put hair into a bun? Oh, it's pretty funny. 
The Village.
Obviously more of a highlight for the girls of the trip, but we all enjoyed browsing through the adorable little town center together. 
The Music of Kitty Lights.
As a soundtrack of the entire trip Kitty Lights set the tone for all the epic times that were had. 

Until next time, Big Bear!