Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So, this summer just happened.

I've really fallen off the blog wagon. 

The thing about keeping a blog is that it requires quite a bit of dedicated spare time.

When life gets extraordinary, those spare hours of time just don't come around the way they normally do. 

Recently, my life has been extraordinary. 

And, after hours of trying to approach it from every angle, I just cannot sum up this summer on a blog. 

There, I said it. 

I am too lazy, too overwhelmed, and really just too negligent to even attempt at a proper chronicle of what it is like to get typhoid, spend a month in India, travel with around the great american south with the my true love, catch a breath in Orange County, then hop on over to Hawaii for an extra long weekend with my sister before landing back in a Los Angeles sorority mansion with 50 other girls. 


who does that?

My life is ludacris. 

I'm sure stories of Hawaii, Georgia, and especially India will seep out of me over time if I do manage to frequently keep a blog. But I just can't intentionally talk about it, it's too much.

For the record though, I want to move to the south.

And also, India was so insane that I get all squirmy and excited when I think about it. I think I found my drug. It went from being number one on my travel destination list, to being number one on my travel destination list.

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